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A picture of two students walking into the sunset under the pedestrian bridge on Cumberland Avenue.


One of the fundamental rights afforded students in the Student Code of Conduct is a right to an Advisor. Upon request, the University will provide information regarding University Advisors, whom are University employees trained by Student Conduct & Community Standards about the student conduct process. At their own expense, the Complainant and Respondent may choose a person not employed by the University to serve as an Advisor (e.g., friend, attorney). The role of an Advisor is limited to assisting, advising, and/or supporting a Complainant or Respondent during the student conduct process.

Download the List of Advisors

In order for the University to communicate with an outside Advisor about a student’s educational record, the student must submit an Authorization to Release Information.

For all Administrative Procedure Act questions and correspondence:

Office of the General Counsel
Telephone: (865) 974-3245/-3247
Facsimile: (865) 974-3074