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The Student Services Building

Student Job Experience

Student Conduct & Community Standards regularly employs students to work alongside our staff. Having students on our team helps ensure different perspectives are at our table and allows students to gain work experience. We know that it can be intimidating and nerve-wracking for students to come to our office and engage in the Conduct process, so employing students to be in our space can help relieve some anxiety and promote a sense of community.

We have three different opportunities for students to gain experience:

  1. Student Workers: These students are typically undergraduate students with a need for employment. Job expectations will include welcoming students at our front desk, filing electronic documents, answering phones, and providing assistance to our staff as needed. A friendly, hard-working, and punctual person would be a great candidate for this job. If you are interested in applying please go to One Stop and apply for a job.
  2. Practicum students: These students are typically graduate students wishing to gain more experience in higher education. This is an unpaid internship designed to give you more opportunities to learn and grow within the field alongside our team. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email
  3. Graduate Assistantships: These students are required to be graduate students who do not have another graduate assistantship. While this is an opportunity to learn, this is a job with higher expectations of performance. Job expectations will include 20 hours a week, working directly with students through educational conferences, maintaining excellent documentation, and more independence of duties. An organized, hard-working, strengths-focused, team-oriented individual with excellent verbal and written communication skills would be a great candidate. SCCS Graduate Assistantships are currently filled for the 2023-2024 academic year. If you are interested in learning about open Graduate Assistantships across campus, visit the Graduate School’s Graduate Assistantship webpage for more details.