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Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of Student Conduct & Community Standards (SCCS) is to develop student integrity and accountability through an educational, consistent, and equitable conduct process.

SCCS investigates and adjudicates alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct which includes behavioral misconduct, academic misconduct, student organization misconduct, and Title IX policy violations. Students who engage in conduct that is inconsistent with the Code are subject to University disciplinary action. The process by which the University investigates and resolves alleged violations of the Standards of Conduct is called the student conduct process. The conduct process is educational in nature and centered around student development. Although Student Conduct can issue disciplinary sanctions, many allegations of misconduct are resolved through an educational and developmental approach. The process is designed to promote learning and development as it relates to appropriate decision making.

Students at the University of Tennessee are members of both the University community and the larger community as a whole. Accordingly, students are responsible for conducting themselves in a lawful manner as well as in compliance with University rules and policies. In addition, the University has developed a set of aspirational goals titled, Principles of Civility and Community, which encourages all members of the University community to foster a learning environment where diversity is valued, respected, and celebrated.

The effectiveness of the student conduct process rests partially upon the participation of all members of the University community. Active participation in the process by students, faculty, and staff reflects a willingness to address the difficult issues brought before them for the betterment of individual students and the University community. This involvement is vital to the establishment of true community standards.

Students are responsible for being fully acquainted with and for complying with the Code.


SCCS aspires to provide educational opportunities for self-growth and reflection to ensure that each student graduates ready to contribute to society as an ethical and law-abiding citizen.


The values of SCCS are: maintaining a safe learning environment; requiring students to conduct themselves in ways that allow for their personal growth and development as well as others, in the most positive manner possible; protecting the rights and privileges of all members of the University community; providing a basis for orderly conduct of the affairs of the University; promoting a positive relationship between the University and its surrounding community; preserving the University’s reputation and property; encouraging students to engage in conduct that brings credit to themselves and the University; and ensuring that each student who matriculates at the University graduates ready to contribute to society as an ethical and law-abiding citizen.