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Student Conduct Board

“…With Liberty and Justice for all.” – Pledge of Allegiance

Throughout the Student Conduct Process, the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standard (SCCS) works diligently to maintain justice and provide educational opportunities for students to learn. In the event that SCCS staff recommend a deferred suspension or greater, the student has the right to a hearing. This hearing is to promote justice and ensure that each student is treated fairly and equitably.

To provide a hearing, SCCS needs a group of people within the University community that are committed to justice, maintenance of community standards, and betterment of our community. In each hearing, we have an equal amount of students and staff/faculty members to provide their valued input. These members are volunteers on our Student Conduct Board (SCB). Our SCB are highly valued members of our team. If selected to be a part of SCB, you will have the opportunity for extensive experience in hearings, and you will display your Volunteer attitude by giving back to the students here on campus.

To be a part of the Student Conduct Board (SCB), we will ask you to fill out an application and if chosen complete training conducted by SCCS to ensure a standard of knowledge of the conduct process. If this opportunity is something you are interested in and are able to commit to, please email