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A picture of Davy Crockett waving the power T flag inside of Neyland stadium on game day.

Organizational Vs. Individual Misconduct

Factors SCCS considers when determining if an incident is an organizational violation:

  • Did leadership know it was going on/help carry it out?
  • Was it financed in any way by the organization?
  • Is it related to initiation or a membership activity?
  • How was the event advertised and promoted?
  • Did it occur at a place where members/alumni live?
  • Did the organization/members attempt to cover up the activity?

For more detailed information regarding what constitutes an organization violation, please see Section 2.4 of the Student Code of Conduct.

In some incidents, organizational and individual charges may be issued. If individual charges are issued, the conduct process for the individual may occur after the completion of the conduct process for the student organization. When SCCS issues individual charges, SCCS may also choose not to pursue organizational charges.