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Former Students

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards will be responsible for maintaining all official University records related to student conduct. The maintenance of such records is described in detail in Section XIV of the code, available here.

“After a student is no longer enrolled in the University, SCCS will disclose a student’s disciplinary records to persons outside of SCCS only if one of the following sanctions was imposed on the student while the student was enrolled in the University: suspension; expulsion; withholding of degree; or revocation of degree.” – Student Conduct Code

If you are a former student seeking a summary of their disciplinary record should:

  • Send an email to
  • Include the full name that you attended the University of Tennessee as
  • Include your date of birth
  • Affirmatively request a summary of the disciplinary record; “I would like a summary of my disciplinary record”


If you have a hold on your account:

  • Call the UT Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards at 865-974-3171 to discuss the hold


If you are seeking readmission to the University of Tennessee:

  • Readmission, even if you have a disciplinary record, is overseen by admissions. Please contact the University of Tennessee Office of Admissions


If you are seeking to petition the removal of an Indefinite Suspension:

  • In the past, the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards placed students on Indefinite Suspension. Please note, however, that a 2017 revision to the Code of Conduct removed Indefinite Suspension as a sanction. A student previously placed on Indefinite Suspension may petition the University to lift the sanction. Please see the Interim Indefinite Suspension Policy for details.