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Student Organization Conduct Process & Reporting

Student Organization Conduct Process

Student Conduct & Community Standards follows specific policies depending on the alleged violation. When a student organization faces an alleged conduct violation, the student conduct process is followed.

In some incidents, organizational charges and individual charges may be issued. If individual charges are issued, they will typically occur after the student organization conduct process is complete. Individual charges may also be issued instead of organizational charges.

For more information regarding the student organization conduct process, please see Section 2.4 of the Student Code of Conduct or reach out to SCCS at or 865-974-3171.


Reporting an Organization for a Conduct Incident

Most violations of the code can be reported through our Incident Reporting Form. This form will ask the reporting party to provide their information as well as much information about the student organization involved and the situation. Please be sure to click the “add another party” button if more than one student organization/student was involved that SCCS should be aware of, and please select “Student Organization” under Type.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us at or 865-974-3171.

  • While reporting parties can remain anonymous, wherever possible we recommend providing your contact information in the event that SCCS staff have follow-up questions. Please note: the identity of the reporting party is not shared with the student organization.
  • Reporting an incident does not automatically mean that the group will be suspended/removed from the University. SCCS staff investigate and recommend the appropriate outcomes based on the investigation findings, organizational history, and additional factors. SCCS prioritizes educating individuals and organizations wherever possible.
  • Reporting an incident as soon as possible after witnessing or becoming aware of it allows SCCS staff to hold the organization accountable, keep students staff, and take steps to prevent the incident from happening again.
  • Including as much information as possible is incredibly helpful during an investigation – consider including pictures, videos, dates & times, specific locations, individuals involved, and individuals who SCCS should consider meeting with as witnesses.
  • If you are unsure if an incident is a violation of the Code, SCCS recommends completing an Incident Report anyway. SCCS can then investigate and provide resources and education to the student organization, if needed, or close out the case if it is not a violation of the Code.