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This image outlines our amnesty policy. The first step is that you notice another individual is impaired and needs help due to alcohol or drugs. The second step is to call 911. The third step is to stay with the impaired student until help arrives. The forth step is that neither you, the Good Samaritan, nor the impaired student will receive formal discipline.


Vol is a Verb and at UTK, Vols help other Vols in need.  If you see someone who needs help due to alcohol and/or drugs, call 911 (or your RA if on campus) and stay with the individual. If you are under the influence and worried about calling for fear you may get in trouble, please know the University provides amnesty to students seeking help in these situations. Amnesty applies to more than one person at a time and may be granted to numerous students involved in any one incident.

Amnesty means no formal disciplinary action is taken when a Good Samaritan: (1) contacts appropriate resources to report and request assistance and (2) demonstrates cooperation and care by remaining with the Impaired Student. Amnesty applies to the Impaired Student(s) and any Good Samaritan(s) under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs.

  • Impaired Student: student(s) in need of emergency medical attention due to alcohol or other substance use.
  • Good Samaritan: student(s) that seek help for the impaired student(s).

Please see the Student Code of Conduct for more information regarding Amnesty.