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One of the fundamental rights afforded students in the Student Code of Conduct is a right to an Advisor. Upon request, the University will provide information regarding a University trained Advisor, which is a University employee trained from Student Conduct & Community Standards about the student conduct process. At their own expense, the Complainant and Respondent may choose a person not employed by the University to serve as an Advisor (e.g., friend, attorney). The role of an Advisor is limited to assisting, advising, and/or supporting a Complainant or Respondent during the student conduct process. However, in a Uniform Administrative Procedures Act hearing (UAPA Hearing), the Complainant and Respondent are entitled to have an attorney advocate on their behalf.

In order for the University to communicate with an outside Advisor about a student’s educational record, the student must submit anĀ Authorization to Release Information.

For all Administrative Procedure Act questions and correspondence:

Office of the General Counsel
719 Andy Holt Tower
Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-0170
Telephone: (865) 974-3245/-3247
Facsimile: (865) 974-3074