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A group of students, excited and posing for a picture.

Alternatives to Hazing

Organizations should develop activities for members that are in line with the group’s purpose, values, and mission. The activities should help members build healthy relationships in a safe and productive manner that is in line with University rules, Internal/National Organization policy, and the law. It can sometimes be difficult for organizations to come up with activities that help foster unity amongst all members in a creative yet healthy way. Therefore, this list was developed to share ideas with organizations and promote healthy alternatives to hazing. It is not an inclusive list, nor is it an endorsement of any company or activity. The list is specific to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and surrounding areas.



Laser Tag

Escape Room

Rock Climbing

Extreme Air Sports

Attend a Sporting Event

Outdoor Activities

Roller Skating

Disc Golf

Haunted House (Seasonal)

Play a Sport Together

Group Fitness Classes

Dance Classes


Gravity Ropes

Ice Skating

Downtown Knoxville Events

  • Events page: Ice Skating, Movies, Live Music, and Farner’s Markets

Host a First Aid Course

Host a Cooking Class

Host a Life Skills Workshop

  • How to Change a Tire
  • How to Change Your Oil
  • Self-Defense

Host Dinner for New Members

  • Have each class host a dinner for new members
  • Discuss “what I wish I knew then, that I know now” with real advice

Host a Member Talent Show for Members and New Members to attend

Host a Personality Inventory Workshop Utilizing Myers-Briggs, Strengths Quest, or Similar Personality Style Test to Better Understand Similarities and Differences of Members