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Academic Dishonesty Sample Letter


Student Name (Student ID: 000-00-0000)

Dear Student Name:

The purpose of this correspondence is to inform you that I am assigning you the grade of “F” in Sociology 120 for the Summer 2018 (insert course, semester/year) academic semester. I have elected to assign this grade penalty as a result of academic dishonesty allegations. Specifically, on July 23, 2018 (insert date), during the administering of Exam #3 for this course, I personally observed you use an unauthorized sheet of paper that contained numerous answers for this specific examination. You should recall from our course syllabus, class discussions, and the examination instructions that such aid is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, when I asked to speak with you during this examination, you admitted to this misconduct.

Please be advised that I am forwarding this allegation to the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards. Student Conduct & Community Standards will request a meeting with you and take action as determined appropriate within the Honor Statement and Code of Conduct.

Should you wish to appeal this grade and/or the academic dishonesty allegations made against you, please follow the procedures outlined in Hilltopics Student Handbook (available online at: To initiate the appeal process, you must contact the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards to submit, in writing, your request for an appeal within five (5) business days of the transmission of this email. You may contact Student Conduct & Community Standards at 865-974-3171 or visit the office at 405 Student Services Building, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996. Student Conduct & Community Standards staff can provide you with additional information regarding your rights and options.

Instructor’s Name, Title, Department
Department Head’s Name, Title, Department

Student Conduct & Community Standards (
Dr. Jay Academia, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (college in which violation occurred)
Dr. Sandy Academia, Dean, College of Business Administration (college in which student is enrolled, if different from above)